cat.pngCat Care Products

Cats are one of the most popular pets for many pet lovers. This may be due to their playful personalities, affectionate behaviour or adorable appearance. At Pet Care 2000 we have a huge selection of toys and cat products to ensure your cat is always happy, well maintained and ready for your attention.

puppy.pngDog Care Products

Caring for a dog involves a lot of responsibility, since you will be the sole provider for your dog’s social, dietary and health-related needs. It's important to get the right advice when choosing food for your puppy or your mature friend as dogs have very different needs during each stage of it's life. Exercise is also really important for good health and happiness, dogs love to play! We have a huge selection of health and fitness toys to get your dog in top form.

bird_.pngBird Care Products

Bird health and nutrition are important, so is getting the right advice and products. At Pet Care 2000 we're commited to offering the latest products and best advice for your avian companion. Our aim is to ensure optimum health and happiness of your pet bird. Visit one of our stores and browse the wide selection of products on offer.

fish_.pngAquarium Products

Correct fish care is important and will help your fish live long and happy lives! It's believed that pet fish are fairly low-maintenance. Though fish don't require as much attention as many other pets, they still require care and attention in order to remain healthy. At Pet Care 2000 we can offer advice and 100's of products to ensure your aquarium, pond and fish are always looking the best.

g_pig.pngSmall Animal Products

Small animals are great pets because they are so much fun, generally very playful and are so cute! The bedding and feeding requirements are unique and at Pet Care 2000 we will show you the best solution for your new pet. We will also assist you with choosing the right diet and accessories to ensure you provide the best care for your little one.

snake.pngReptile Products

Owning a reptile, amphibian, and/or land invertebrates is rewarding and very exciting. They come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. Setting up a safe habitat is an important for these little creatures because a safe sanctuary ensures a healthy pet. At Pet Care 2000 we provide a selection of Terrariums, heating, plants, substrate, nutrition and feeding requirements to ensure good health and happiness for pet and owner.

food.pngPet Food Products

Pet foods are available in a range of flavours, formats and sizes for your convenience and your pet’s enjoyment. We have a convenient selection of premium dry pet foods as well as fresh and moist foods to choose from. Live food is also available for those who prefer their food to be crawling before ingestion.