Loyality Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your gift card and /rewards card and govern the relationship between Petcare 2000 ("we "or "us") and you. Use of your Petcare 2000 gift card and /or rewards card will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions override any statements on your Petcare 2000 if they are different.

The Petcare 2000 gift card is a card that holds a pre paid amount of dollars, which can be used to purchase any goods sold in a participating Petcare 2000 outlet. At anytime, the gift card can be enrolled in the Petcare 2000 rewards program. Enrolment is done via in store at any Petcare 2000 outlet.

You can use your Petcare 2000 gift card and rewards card at any participating petcare 2000 outlet. It is not a credit card, charge card or debit card.

Earning and redeeming points

Points can only be earned at the time of purchase and only if the Petcare 2000 rewards card is presented at the time of payment. You will earn 1 point for each complete dollar spent, before GST. Once you reach 400 points or spend $400 before GST, you will receive a $10 cash reward back on to your rewards card after 24 hours. You can check the points balance on your petcare 2000 rewards card at any time online at any petcare 2000 outlet.

Points have no cash value. Redeemed points cannot be used again. points can only be earned, held and redeemed as set out in these terms and conditions. any points obtained or used otherwise than in accordance with these terms and conditions will be invalid and cannot be redeemed.

We may forfeit all accrued points, and /or suspend your right to collect and/or redeem points if you are in breach of these terms and conditions, if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you are engaged in fraudulent or other criminal activities relating to us or your petcare 2000  rewards card, or if you supply false or misleading information.

You may only redeem points against purchases made in participating petcare 2000 outlets. each point equals one dollar when redeemed against a purchase. You must have sufficient points to pay in full for a purchase if you wish to redeem points. you may not make part payment for a purchase using redeemed points. Points cannot be earned to the extent that a purchase is made with redeemed points.

Expiry and Cancellation

The gift card funds on your petcare 2000 gift card and rewards card will expire after 6 months from activation.

The $10 credit accrued from your 400 points will expire after 6 months from date of earning it.

You have the right to cancel your petcare 2000 gift and rewards card at any time by returning it to any petcare 2000 outlet. If you cancel your pet care 2000 rewards card you will lose the right to redeem all unused points.

Loss, theft or damage

You should treat your petcare 2000 rewards card like cash in a wallet. If you lose your card or if it is stolen you will lose any dollar value and/or points you have earned on that card. In the event of lose ,theft, fraud or other unauthorised use of your petcare rewards card, or if your card is damaged or malfunctions, we may, at our sole discretion ,replace your card and transfer any dollar value/and or points stored onto a replacement card. Circumstances in which we may determine, in our sole discretion, that we will not replace your card include those where we believe that the notified incident has been caused by your wilful breach of these terms and conditions or if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that you are or have been engaged in fraudulent or other unlawful conduct.